Welcome to the Computer Lab!

01 Class Rules 02 Kahoot! 03 iReady 04 Pixel Drawing 05 Typing Games 06 See Saw 07 EPI Lego Building Instructions 08 Stars Assessment Turn off Resume Code
01 Feelings Page Project 02 Writing on the Computer 03 About Me Project 04 Animal Stamps Project 05 Frames Weather Project 06 Number Stories Project Code.org Blockly Puzzles
01 Classroom Map Project 02 Internet Safety Project 03 Communities Stamps Project 04 Intro to Excel Code.org Blockly Puzzles Scratch Guides
01 Make Your Own Island 02 Intro to Scratch 03 Intro to Powerpoint 04 Powerpoint Effects Code.org Blockly Puzzles 3rd Grade Student Sign Up Link
01 Google Drive Project 02 Google Shared Docs Project 03 Google Forms Project 04 Google Sites Project 05 Codesters Scratch Art Questions Scratch Art Page Clear Path Assessment

01 Intro to Scratch 02 2nd Scratch Project 03 Advanced Scratch Project Stars Assessment 05 Codesters Scratch Art Questions Scratch Art Page