Teaching Point:

Today we will learn what the difference between Cloud Computing and Regular Computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

Most of the time when we save our work, we try to save it into a folder on our computer like Desktop or Documents. It's important that we remember where we save our work, so that when we want to see it again, we know where to look. Cloud Computing is a different way to save your work. Instead of saving it in a folder on your computer, you save in a folder on the internet. When you want to see it again, you log into your cloud account, and whatever you saved will be there for you to see.

The reason why this is good is because it means that you can see what you saved on ANY computer, not just the one computer. That means that if I make something in Kid Pix, and save it into "The Cloud", I can see my Kid Pix File on any computer, tablet, or phone that is connected to the internet.

Brainpop Movie About Cloud Computing

Today's Assignment

Use Kid Pix to make a poster about Cloud Computing. Make a cool picture, and use the T tool to write how Cloud Computing is helpful. Save your work on your Desktop, and name it "Your Name" + CC. Don't forget to Export.

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