Project Intro

For our next project we are going to be going back to Google Docs to learn to make something new - Google Forms. Google Forms is a fun way to make a survey that your friends can take online. We have already taken Google Forms surveys in some of our lessons. Now we will be making some of our own. We will post our surveys online for our friends to take, and we will use Google Docs to look at the results.

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Teaching Point:

Today we will learn how to make a Google Form.

What is a Google Form?

A Google Form is a survey that is posted online. We use Google Docs to make the form. There are different types of questions that we can put into our survey - questions with typed-in answers, questions where users choose from a list, mulitple choice questions, and more. To make a Google Form:

Today's Assignment

Use Google Form to make a survey that has at least 5 questions. The first question should be name. Use at least 3 different kinds of questions.

Extension Activity

Choose a Theme to make your Google Form look nicer.

Here is an example of a good survey:

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