Teaching Point:

Today we will learn what Programming is, and what it is used for.

What is Programming?

Programming, or "coding", is a way to create an app on the computer. All of the software apps that we use, like Kid Pix, Frames, iMovie, even Google Chrome, were made using Programming. Any game you have played online or on your phones/tablets, was made using Programming. The Computer itself, with all of the Desktop Folders, and System Preferences, and even the way that the mouse moves, were created using Programming. We are going to learn how to use an app called scratch to create simple apps and games.

There are different ways to program. Most grownups type out special codes into the computer. Those codes are instructions on how the computer should act. We are going to use a simple program called Scratch to make code. We won't have to type out all of the codes. Scratch gives us blocks of code already typed and all that we have to do is put them together in creative ways to make the computer do what we want.

Today's Assignment

Today we are going to look at the Scratch Website. When you find a game you like you can click on the "See Inside" button to see what blocks of code the people who made the app used to make it work.

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