Project Intro


For our next Project we are going to make our own Island in Kid Pix. We have done a lot of drawing in Kid Pix, but for this project we are going to use the Stamp Tool. We won't be using the stamps that Kid Pix has for us, we are going to make our own. We will decide what we want to go on our island, and then we will make stamps of it. We can stamp whatever we want on our island. Use your imagination, and be creative:) The Best 3 islands from each class will go on this website.

Teaching Point:

Today we will learn how to make our own Stamps in Kid Pix.

Making Stamps

One really good thing about drawing on the computer, is that if you want to make a copy of your drawing, you don't have to draw it all over again. You can just copy the drawing and paste it again as many times as you want. The Stamp Tool in Kid Pix is an example of this. When you see a drawing that you like in the stamps, you can use the same drawing as many times as you want.

We can also make our own Stamps in Kid Pix. To do this:

  1. Press the Stamp Tool
  2. Click on the Stamp that you want to draw over
  3. Click on the Stamp Editor Tool to start drawing

When you are done, press Save and now you can use your Stamp!

Today's Assignment

Make at least 3 different stamps to go on your island. Make sure you put them in different boxes. Use the T Tool to write the name of your island at the very top.

Extension Activity

You will need at least 5 stamps total for your island, so if you finish your 3 early, make a few more:)

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