Teaching Point:

Today we will learn how to collaborate on a Shared Document on Google Docs.

Project Introduction

For our next project, we are going to continue working on Google Docs. Only this time we are going to work together in groups on a Shared Document. Each of use will contribute to a shared document about the European Explorers who first explored New York. We will learn about who they were and where they came from, and use Google Docs to share what we have learned.

Working Together on Google Docs

Not only can you share a document on Google Doc, you can also work on that document while it is being shared. In fact, two or more people who are sharing a document can even work on it at the same time. People who work like this are able to see the changes that other members of their team make, in real-time.

We can find Documents that people share with us in the Shared With Me Tab.

Today we will share a document to our group members, and begin our work by writing a quick About the Author paragraph. Each member will do this.

Today's Assignment

Open your Shared Document, and under the About the Author Heading, write a paragraph about yourself.

Extension Activity

Use your Formatting Skills to make your paragraph look nice.

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