Teaching Point:

Today we will learn how to use Control Blocks to use If Statements.

If Statements

If Statements are one of the most important coding tools. They help the app decide what to do by itelf. There are no step by step instructions, and no waiting for certain buttons to be pressed. You use the If Statement to set a rule, and the app follows that rule.

For our If Statement to work, we have to give it an event to look for. What an If Statement does is say "If this event happens, do this."

One event that we can use is the "touching" block in the sensing menu. It says that if one Sprite touches something, like another Sprite, it will cause another event.

Today's Assignment

Make a new Sprite that is just a yellow circle. This will be a coin. Then use an If Statement to say "If the cat touches this coin - make the coin disappear". HINT: You can use the "Hide" block to make the coin disappear.

Extension Activity

Go back into your "Sprite Editor", and decorate your coin.

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