Teaching Point:

Today we will learn how to use the Delete Key to erase text.

The Delete Key

When we make a mistake in our writing, the eraser tool or the eye dropper tool won't fix it. Those tools are for erasing drawings. To erase writing we don't like, we have to use a special key on the keyboard called the “The Delete Key”. The Delete Key is like the eraser for letters.

To erase letters we have to tell the computer first which letters to erase. We do this by clicking right next to the letters with the mouse. If we do this right, we will see the a line blinknig on and off. Once the blinking line is where we want it to be, we just press the Delete Key on the keyboard and our letters disappear.

Today's Assignment

Erase all of the extra D‘s from the sentences on our worksheet.

Extension Activity

Check the writing for the 2 missing capital letters and make them capital.

Project Rubric

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