Teaching Point:

Today we will learn how to make capital letters.

Capital and Lowercase Letters

We have to make capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and when we write a name whenever we write. This is true on the computer, and when we are just writing on paper. When we press a key on the keyboard, it will make a lowercase letter. We have to use the CAPS LOCK Key on the keyboard to tell the computer that we want to make a capital letter.

The CAPS LOCK Key is a key on the keyboard that we can press to make capital letters. If we press it, we will see a green light go on. When the light is on, any letter we press will be capital. To go back to lowercase typing, we just press the CAP LOCK again. When we do then the light goes off and that's how we know we are typing lowercase.

Today's Assignment

Go through the page and delete the letters at the beginning of each sentence. Then write the letter again in capital usin the CAP LOCK.

Extension Activity

Write one or two sentences about anything you want, using the CAPS LOCK to start them with a capital letter.

Project Rubric

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